I absolutely loved working with Brittany & Josh for the first time back in August of 2015 for their wedding day. Fast forward to this past weekend I had the honor to work with Brittany & Josh again but this time it was to document the start of their family! It was a little cold outside and snow still on the ground but at least we had sun & blue skies which went great with such a beautiful location in Hinckley Ohio. As an added bonus I got to meet two horses & a super cute golden retriever who followed us around the whole time while shooting, helping out by bringing me sticks! Check out some of my favorite photos from this amazing session below and find a link to the full gallery at the end of the post. Congratulations Brittany & Josh!

BrittanyJoshFamily-2 BrittanyJoshFamily-5 BrittanyJoshFamily-6 BrittanyJoshFamily-7 BrittanyJoshFamily-10 BrittanyJoshFamily-14 BrittanyJoshFamily-18 BrittanyJoshFamily-22 BrittanyJoshFamily-29 BrittanyJoshFamily-37 BrittanyJoshFamily-43 BrittanyJoshFamily-51 BrittanyJoshFamily-55 BrittanyJoshFamily-59 BrittanyJoshFamily-63 BrittanyJoshFamily-64 BrittanyJoshFamily-69 BrittanyJoshFamily-72 BrittanyJoshFamily-77 BrittanyJoshFamily-84 BrittanyJoshFamily-91 BrittanyJoshFamily-100 BrittanyJoshFamily-113 BrittanyJoshFamily-123 BrittanyJoshFamily-128 BrittanyJoshFamily-132 BrittanyJoshFamily-137 BrittanyJoshFamily-139 BrittanyJoshFamily-143 BrittanyJoshFamily-156 BrittanyJoshFamily-161 BrittanyJoshFamily-163 BrittanyJoshFamily-165 BrittanyJoshFamily-169 BrittanyJoshFamily-172 BrittanyJoshFamily-178 BrittanyJoshFamily-184 BrittanyJoshFamily-190 BrittanyJoshFamily-199 BrittanyJoshFamily-204 BrittanyJoshFamily-208 BrittanyJoshFamily-211 BrittanyJoshFamily-220 BrittanyJoshFamily-226 BrittanyJoshFamily-232 BrittanyJoshFamily-233 BrittanyJoshFamily-235 BrittanyJoshFamily-245 BrittanyJoshFamily-248 BrittanyJoshFamily-259 BrittanyJoshFamily-266 BrittanyJoshFamily-275 BrittanyJoshFamily-280 BrittanyJoshFamily-283 BrittanyJoshFamily-288 BrittanyJoshFamily-289

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