Jay Kossman Photography Studio Team Members

  • Cairo

  • Studio Security Manager
  • Full time security manager for Jay Kossman Photography. In his free time he like's to go outside, rain or shine & play catch with his favorite toy, the Chuck It - Flying Squirrel. He could do this all day long non stop if there was time. When not protecting the studio he loves to relax & unwind with an ice cold Frosty Paws treat.
  • Juliet

  • Studio Senior Vice President
  • Juliet has been with Jay Kossman Photography going on 12+ years and has played a key role in helping our studio grow. In her free time she likes to take naps in the bathroom & go outside to sit and brainstorm new amazing ideas for the studio.
  • Kailyn

  • Studio Director of HR / Transportation Specialist
  • Kailyn oversees all current & new employees at Jay Kossman Photography. She is a big supporter of employees calling off work to stay home and get more editing done. She also personally reviews the safety & maintenance of the company Jeep Wrangler. In her free time she loves going for rides, getting belly rubs & chasing squirrels.
  • Dolce

  • Studio Public Works / Part-Time Freelance Killer
  • Dolce is the youngest & most vocal member of Jay Kossman Photography but don't underestimate his lack of experience. Dolce has very high ambitions and willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done at all hours. In his free time he likes hang out with Kailyn & get chased by Cairo. When not working he loves to ambush & kill any animal he can, big or small.