The morning after the Cavs one the NBA Championship Game I decided to get up extra early and go shooting. Capturing some great low light shots all over Cleveland. Go Cavs!

CavsWin-22 CavsWin-25 CavsWin-39 CavsWin-76 CavsWin-82 CavsWin-99 CavsWin-106 CavsWin-111 CavsWin-139 CavsWin-158 CavsWin-161 CavsWin-195 CavsWin-204 CavsWin-216 CavsWin-225 CavsWin-241 CavsWin-244 CavsWin-258 CavsWin-269 CavsWin-289 CavsWin-299